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Saturday, 3rd March 2012 – Bill’s ‘wet’ Saturday ramblings!!

Awake to another coolish overcast day, drizzling rain as this early indication of wintry weather [3 months before it is due] arrives on our doorsteps. I didn’t hear Susie arrive home early this morning from her day long rock concert yesterday, though I did wake once she was in the house [and returned to another restless sleep, feeling more relaxed]. I say restless, because over recent weeks, I seem to be having nightly dreams, although generally as soon as I awake, the memories of what or who the dreams were about, have disappeared completely – I simply know they were of people in my past life, coming back, maybe to ‘haunt’ me, or remind me of past mistakes and misjudgements or  failures!!!  Interesting concept!

Meanwhile, the weather outside does not promise too much cricket for son Adam today, for Day One of their final season round of matches this 2011/2012. I’m presuming he is playing in the D Grade game over at the Melton Recreation Reserve against St Anthonys. That may well end up a one day game next weekend if this widespread rain continues.

It’s becoming a regular thing on a Saturday morning now, to post to my Face Book status, a little piece of verse, usually from one of the classic poets. This morning it was the turn of Lord Alfred Tennyson, with two verses from his 1842 poem ‘The Blackbird’. This is what I posted.  It was pleasing to find at least two friends [both of them local] found my contribution presumably to their satisfaction – in fact Ruth wondered ‘So poetic this morning, Bill – is it Alfred’s birthday today or something?’  I simply replied that no, it was just another of my Saturday morning poetic status contributions from my collection of classic poets, a bit of culture for my status!!  In actual fact, Tennyson was born 33 years before he wrote this poem – on the 6th August 1809 – perhaps I should remember that date and post some of his work then. Meanwhile, here are verses 1 and 3 from ‘The Blackbird’

O Blackbird! sing me something well:
While all the neighbours shoot thee round,
I keep smooth plats of fruitful ground,
Where thou may’st warble, eat and dwell.

Yet, tho’ I spared thee all the spring,
Thy sole delight is, sitting still,
With that gold dagger of thy bill,
To fret the summer jenneting.

[Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1842]


In the meantime,  it was a wet arrival at the gymnasium this morning, though thankfully dry inside – not so for the swimming carnival going on out in the main pool [as with last Thursday], another rather cold and wet morning to be engaged in open air swimming races! Anyway, back in the gym, I don’t know whether it was because I slightly increased the levels of some of my exercises or not, but by the end of that hour, I was feeling a little more exhausted than usual – maybe just the end of a week thing. Didn’t think I deserved an iced coffee this morning, and in view of the fact it was raining still, outside, decided to avoid to avoid the shopping area, and return straight home [buying a rare cappuccino, which I seldom drink these days, along the way].

An interesting little first paragraph to an article on the front of today’s ‘Age’ newspaper – ‘Gillard gets her man’ – ‘If an antidote is needed to the poison unleashed in the months leading up to [last] Monday’s emphatic 71-31 vote to topple Rudd, it arrived in the form of one of the nation’s most successful premiers’  –  a very insightful introduction to a feature article headed ‘The Carr Coup’ by journalist Michael Gordon, which says a lot about Prime Minister Gillard’s announcement yesterday to appoint former New South Wales [NSW] Labor Premier, Bob Carr to the vacant NSW Senate seat created by the resignation on Monday last of Senator Mark Arbib, and the immediate appointment of Carr as Foreign Minister, to replace the defeated Kevin Rudd [now on the back bench].

The ‘Age’ Saturday magazine ‘Good Weekend’ also had a feature of particular interest to me –  on Malcolm Turnbull, whom Tony Abbott defeated at Liberal leader a couple of years go, but whose public preference as Liberal leader has always, even today, far exceeded that of Abbott.  Certainly, Turnbull would be my immediate choice as Opposition leader.  In that article, and in speaking about the parliamentary situation of the past 18 months or so, Turnbull’s views are promising.  ‘Turnbull has watched with dismay as the political discourse has been ‘dumbed down’ in what he believes is a disastrous way. “The political debate has not been very edifying, I must say.  It has not been a great period of political discourse, the nastiness of it all,” he says, stabbing distractedly at his food. :Elements of the media have contributed to that and politicians have also…..There is a tendency to try to dumb everything down and turn everything into a one paragraph press release or even less, just a slogan. It’s depriving us of a substantive policy debate”  He doesn’t need to mention  that his own leader has often stood accused of sloganeering. He does contrast his own contribution. “The only thing I can do is not fall into that. I try to talk about policy issues intelligently. I try very hard to avoid thought bubbles. I make sure my speeches are well researched and footnoted. I make sure I am not talking through my hat”. And the voters seem to like it. Polls show that despite Abbott positioning the Coalition for a resounding electoral victory, Turnbull is the people’s clear choice for the Liberal leader’s job.’……………..

But outcomes don’t work that way in Australian politics anyway –  a few days ago, Kevin Rudd was the ‘people’s’ choice over Julia Gillard – but they did not have the say, in the Labor Caucas room!!

Later in that same article, the writer, Lenore Taylor, notes that ‘But social commentator Hugh McKay says Turnbull – “possibly the only politician on either side seen as a man true to his convictions” – would be powerfully attractive to an electorate utterly disenchanted with politicians of all persuasions, the almost pefect antidote to the disillusion of the times. “He may be seen as arrogant, but he is also seen as a man of substance and that is exactly what people are yearning for”  McKay says’.

By 2pm, I have to be happy with my ‘Betting Club’ tips so far this afternoon  –  first two selections have come through as winners, which means I’m in front – so far!!!  After that however, it all began to go downhill!! And in fact continued that way  – today I was a ‘loser’, didn’t get back all of my $40 I’d been entrusted with. Couple of horses came close, but not close enough!!  And it kept raining  –  here we are Saturday night, and it is still raining!

Bit quiet in my home tonight  – Susie went off somewhere this afternoon with pillows, sleeping bag etc, presumably not back until the morrow, didn’t press for an exclamation, and none was forthcoming.  Had a brief phone chat with my Ballarat friend, then settled down to a bit of reading, although these days, night time reading doesn’t prove very successful!!

Found the following little quotation somewhere, thought it worth sharing –   “Our thoughts ought by instinct to fly upwards from animals, men and natural objects to their creator. If created things are so utterly lovely, how gloriously beautiful must he be who made them! The wisdom of the worker is revealed in his handiwork.”
Anthony of Padua (1195-1231) Franciscan.   I guess you can take that from whatever source gives the reader comfort, though it was included in a message from a Uniting Church group.




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