Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 3, 2012

Thursday 1st March 2012 – Autumn around Melbourne and environs.

First day of Autumn, and for some of us, it probably felt like the first day of winter – a day of cool breezes, drizzling cold rain, particularly this morning, as I went off to the gymnasium, and to the north of the State, and southern New South Wales, serious threats of major flooding following heavy rainfall in those areas, and more predicted this weekend.

Meanwhile the media continues to dominate our print sources, TV screens, and radios with such issues as possible changes to the Federal Labor leadership team and Ministry, questions about the old issue of independence for Scotland, and the role and outcome of the Oscars [held earlier this week, of which I noticed there were a couple of films in particular that I must go and have a look at], together with ongoing reports and analysis of the complex and serious situation which continues over in Syria!  While I’ve not necessarily referred to each of those subjects, they are the kind of issues that I try and keep up to date with progress and outcomes.  One of the movies I was referring to was a new ‘black & white’ movie  – one that everybody is talking about called ‘The Artist’, which picked up five awards at the Oscars, with barely a word of dialogue in the movie – it’s a ‘silent’ one [as of the old days].  Amongst those awards was that of Best Picture, but for many people, the movie’s greatest triumph was in the category of Best Original Score.  Limelight Magazine, for one, has commented on this apparently in its next issue [March] where the magazine caught up with French composer Ludovic Bource about the challenges and risks involved in writing music for a silent film, letting the characters speak through lush orchestral atmosphere, and penning a “love letter” to the classic film scores of Hollywood’s golden age. I’m looking forward to having a read of that, perhaps before I go and see the movie.

In the meantime, this Thursday night meant business – a shorter than usual committee meeting at the radio station, three missing members [one simply forgot!!].  Strange that we were here last Saturday in sweltering heat – tonight, one could almost say it was cold, certainly still damp outside. No heater on however!  Personally, I was not unhappy to have an early night, and home in time to watch a taped version of tonight’s episode of ‘The Straits’ – a well put together drama, but I felt the emphasise on violence and extreme language, was beginning to turn me off the show a little. However, now that I have begun to watch the series, may as well see it through to the end!

Autumn in Melbourne is generally the most pleasant, and in some ways, beautiful time of the year in this part of the world, perhaps its beautify typified in the photograph below.

Kalorama, by reader David Thornton




  1. hi, planning to see autumn in melbourne next year.
    when would be the best time?

    • Hi Lynn,

      Your best bet is the March/April period, towards the middle of that 8 weeks – usually, a month of great weather, glorious time of the year, lots of colour, sunshine, not too hot!!


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