Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 6, 2012

Monday, 5th March 2012 – floods, old work contacts, and friends

A little warmer today, although overall, the day and evening remained basically coolish. Up in the northern regions of Victoria and much of southern New South Wales, many of the towns were either now isolated by floodwaters, or underwater, and for many, the situation was getting worse by the minute. One of those areas under threat was the city of Wagga Wagga, where my brother had been posted many years ago in the Army, and had lived there – with two different wives and family [at different periods of course]. As far as I’m aware, the second family are still living in the city, and I was wondering later tonight whether they were affected or not?  Have no idea where they live, and as I write this, I’m actually struggling to recall the name of partner number two! The names of her two children from her first marriage were Michelle and Ben,  and she would have another girl and boy with Ian before he eventually separated himself from that relationship, and went off on his own.

A tough session at the gymnasium later this morning, hopefully of use to my body in the long run.  Only a few more sessions, and the first stage of this little program will have concluded. Will I continue? No doubt about it!

Meanwhile, I was straight home afterwards in time to ‘share my lunch’ with the National Press Club Address in Canberra [on the TV]  – the guest speaker was Deputy Prime Minister & Treasurer, Wayne Swan  My Face Book comments on this briefly, were as follows.  ‘Inequality isn’t just unfair, it’s also very inefficient’ [Wayne Swan, National Press Club Address today, in Canberra], and I followed that quote up with the comment that ‘ ‘Of course the main emphasise of his address would be described in Tuesday’s Financial Review as to ‘deliver a political sermon against the evils of the rampart rich’ – I couldn’t help thinking that many of those in the Press Club room probably quite easily slotted into the category of ‘elites’ he was referring to. Geoff Kitney in the Review said “The people he was appealing to rarely make it to join the corporate lunches. They are better defined as the cut lunches, the workers who clock on and off for a quick sandwich and a hot cuppa”.  I’m not a Wayne Swan fan [as you know] but this was a good speech. Ironically, the only time I attended a National Press Club lunch in Canberra, the speaker was Paul Keating, the PM I have disliked the most [after Whitlam] over recent decades.  Needless to say, with Swan attacking certain sectors of the top rich category, he was going to attract plenty of criticism and/or comment over the next few days.

Message from Adam today – his horse was running in Race 4 at the Bendigo Harness races this afternoon – Dimensions.  I notice that Adam drove up for the race, probably wished he’d not bothered afterwards – the horse didn’t finish in the top 3 placings, in fact I couldn’t find out where it finished, but not as successful as hoped for.  My minor bets in support, would have been a nice useful addition to the bank account, had the horse come in!!

A few weeks ago, I placed a notice in a column called ‘Desperately Seeking’ in one of the weekend papers, trying to contact the first group of people I worked with in my initial permanent job placing, when I came to Melbourne in 1966. It read as follows, as appearing in yesterday’s paper:-

‘Seeking contact with former staff of the Kew Children’s Cottages

Mid to late 1960s, including Penny Salt Gregson, Des Nugent, David

Bull, Phyllis Cains and Eli Hudson. Contact Bill on 0414 831 802 or email


Yesterday, I received a couple of phone calls from people who had some connection with the Cottages, although they were more related to the nursing and medical sides of the institution – I realised afterwards that my notice should have specified the ‘administration’ aspect, which was what I was interested in. I do recall being friendly with a couple of nurses – in fact, went to a show with one at some stage, though can’t recall their names!! Today, I was a bit luckier, with consecutive calls coming from the brother of Des Nugent [who was in fact my boss at the time], and then soon afterwards, from Des’s daughter, Annette, who had been 10 years old at the time I worked at the Cottages [the boss and his family had lived in the residence adjacent to the office, so we came into contact with his family fairly regularly. She even remembered by surname which had not been included in the notice.  Annette had information about one or two of my co-workers, and some interesting details about her own family. Des, sadly, had died back in 2005.  Meanwhile tonight, just as I was about to go on air at the radio, I received a third call for the day from a lady who used to work with the David Bull I was seeking, and she was able to give me an address for him.  That was all rather a useful start to my little ‘project’ although two or three of the other fellow workers, I was particularly keen to catch up with.  Hoping for more contact over a day or so!

In the meantime, my other ‘old friend’ from the past, Heather in Ballarat, apparently received my long awaited promised letter today  – forgotten why I’d promised a ‘postal’ letter [she’s not on the internet] but I’d been unable to print it out, either here at home or the radio station, but finally posted it off yesterday. A quick message this evening to say it had arrived!!!  And with that, more questions asked of Bill!!! Those responses will have to wait.  As for tonight’s show, enjoyable in presenting as usual, although my voice was very weak tonight, kept trying to fade away as though there was an infection in the throat or chest – certainly, that area of the body had been worrying me all day, right through from Sunday night!!  Annoying!





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