Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 8, 2012

Wednesday, 7th March 2012- taking it easy on a quiet Wednesday!!

The voice was not too powerful when I rang through the local sports report this morning – for a while there, I didn’t think I’d need to, as Ron was unusually getting on air. But eventually he voice appeared, and I dutifully rang him at 6.45am. Just managed to get through my little spiel before the voice started to crack up completely. After that, intended to have a bit of a rare sleep in  – not allowed!  The street workers, machines and all, had returned, right outside my windows, and they were not quiet. So gave the ‘rest’ idea away, and got up and did some work instead!! Probably a more useful occupation of my time in any case!!

It was a quick response – to the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program Test I undertook last week, and posted the test kit on Friday morning last.  Results notification.  The second sentence was what I wanted to read. ‘We are pleased to advise you that the result of your faecal occult blood test was NEGATIVE.’.  The letter went on to say that ‘This may mean that you do not need to have any further investigations at this time. However, no test is 100% accurate so if you have, or develop, any of the symptoms described ……Bowel cancer can develop with few, if any, warning symptoms…………….The National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines for the prevention, early detection and management of colorectal cancer, recommended that you screen every two years…….’   One little weight off the mind!!!

Visit to the radio station briefly this afternoon – Treasurer’s duties and some printing tasks.

Lengthy phone call to Heather tonight for a bit of a chat, although I had to cut things short, as my voice and throat were becoming a ‘squeaky problem’. Later sat down for 30 minutes and watch a light-hearted, yet serious, interview series – tonight, journalist Annabelle Crabb interviewing and having dinner with Senator Penny Wong – the latter did actually come over as a little more relaxed than her usual stern and reserved authoritarian nature in Parliament. Born in Malaysia, a father who loved cooking and food, such trait inherited by a brother, who actually committed suicide not long after Penny entered parliament. Interestingly, was a member of the Uniting Church, not sure if she is still so involved. Generally, she ‘evaded’ too much detail in responding to her ‘reputation’ as the only lesbian Senator [as confessed anyway], and her dinner companion did not press that issue, gets plenty of publicity anyway. On the question of why she doesn’t publicly protest against her own Party’s policy against recognising gay marriages  –  you join the Labor Party, and a member, parliamentarian, Minister, you are there to support it’s policies. If you disagree with them, you argue that issue within the Party, and then accept the decision, you don’t argue external to the Party.

Earlier this evening, Helen from the church dropped off some of the recent church newsletters, and the two editions of ‘Crosslight’ which have been published this year [a kind gesture, in view of the fact that I don’t get there very often myself these days].  Reading some of that literature, I was reminded that one of the longstanding members of the Uniting Church, was recently [as part of the Australia Day celebrations in Sunbury] was awarded the municipality’s ‘Hume Citizen of the Year’ – Elwyn Davis was recognised  for her valuable contribution to the community as a member of various groups, and particularly for her tireless work for the Leprosy Mission [TLM]. The TLM was founded in 1813 by Wellesley Bailey who described it as ‘A Mission born and cradled in prayer. It has been brought up on prayer, it has been nourished by prayer, and prayer had been the foundations of its success since the first moments of its life’. A couple of Sundays ago, it was officially World Leprosy Day. Unfortunately, leprosy is still prevalent today, although multi-drug therapy tablets ensure the patient is non-infectious after 48 hours. However, stigma associated with the disease is still a real problem. The work of the TLM continues to provide support for sufferers, in an attempt to rid that stigma, and to provide physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. Elwyn has been very active for many years with TLM, and that has included visits, and organised treks/walks,  to those parts of the world where leprosy is still a problem. I recall her coming onto one of my radio shows a few years ago, to talk about one of those trips, while on a different subject, Elwyn was one of my contributors to a local magazine that I started to produce back in 2002 for church members and other friends. On that occasion, she was writing about  her recent  trip to Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory, and in particular, the cultural exchange program between girls from the Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne,  and the Ngukurr School in Arnhem Land. Quite an interesting little piece, and during a quiet ‘writing’ period over the next few days, I might include her ‘story’ on these pages.


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