Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 12, 2012

Sunday, 10th March 2012 – quiet Sunbury Sunday!!

Another enjoyable two and half  hours of presenting classical music on the radio this morning, beginning at 6.30am.  It was Program No. 299 of this particular show, and I would spend a part of this Sunday afternoon, putting together the format for my 300th program, next week, which I was planning to extend for a full three hours, from 6am! [if I can get up!!].

In fact, most of today at home, I was actually either working on future radio shows [putting the program formats together], or quietly enjoying the not over-hot sunshine out in the back garden  –  but not working today, just sitting in the sun, reading, and actually for a change, enjoying the occasional company of Susie’s two cats [mother and daughter] who after all their years with us, still seem to ‘enjoy’ the occasional cat fight/roll on the grass – never really sure whether they are playing, or one initiates the activity out of annoyance, because when it ends, they never seen very friendly. Meanwhile, in some ways, I would like to eventually see these cats leave the property [with Susie of course, if she eventually makes such a move], as I want to encourage more birdlife into my back garden – there are quite a few birds around much of the time, but of course they are discouraged by the presence of the cats, and the need to be always wary of ‘that’ ever lurking danger. Generally, the cats seem to ignore the birds, particularly a small group of doves which seem to be around a bit lately. But I think that is wariness on the part of the cats – they are aware also of my ‘hostile’ response to them, if I ever see any sign of ‘bird stalking’ going on by these felines. I’m sure there are the occasional unfortunate local birds that become the victim’s of Susie’s two pets, but these days, they are generally very careful not to allow me to become aware of such activity.

While I was relaxing in the quiet solitude of a  peaceful Sunbury garden backyard, the Moomba Festival was in full swing in Melbourne, no doubt the city packed with thousands enjoying a beautiful Melbourne Autumn day [which it was], while down in Ballarat, they were celebrating the Begonia Festival –  to be honest, I would have liked to have been down there this weekend, but had simply felt like a peaceful and relatively restful ‘long’ weekend at home, which apart from a couple of visits to the gymnasium, was exactly what I was doing.  Got onto a bit of family history work this evening, not having done very much in that area so far this year.

This evening, I watched a brief interesting little program called ‘Compass’ on the ABC – was dealing with cases of sperm donors in the USA, and the attempts by some of the resultant children in such instances to find out the identity of the donor of their originating sperm. That part comes next week, but the fascinating aspect of tonight’s show was the finding by these children [where the donor had made multiple donations over a period of time] that they had many half -sisters or brothers from this donor.  The similarities in looks, habits, mannerisms, etc, were fascinating to see, and it was heart-warming for eg, to witness the benefit accrued a single child of a couple to suddenly to discover a whole new family of brothers and sisters out in the community. Rather an emotional little documentary. Later, I watched an episode of ‘Great Expectations’ – always enjoy the BBC renditions of the old classics!


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