Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 14, 2012

Tuesday 13th March 2012 – surprise phone calls!

A lovely surprise phone call this morning [highlight of my day]..  A couple of weeks ago, my little notice appeared in the weekend paper, seeking contact with my former work associates from my first job in Melbourne. There was only a small group of them, and up until day, I’d only made direct contact with one, discovered the former boss had passed on, and the lady in the office [who was much older than the rest of us when we were there] was apparently in a nursing home, down in Tasmania. This morning, my ‘favourite’ little English switchboard operator from those days rang me, having being told of my advertisement by a friend  – in actual fact, I misunderstand the name she gave on the phone initially, thought she was another caller from the nursing or medical side of the institution we worked at, and I began to apologise for my misleading advert in which I had forgotten to specific the ‘administration’ side of the staff!!  Then the ‘bell rang’ –  it was Penny!!

We had a pleasant little conversation, remembering old times and the people from Kew Cottages – like the other contact I’d made, she was interested in being part of a reunion – was apparently actually thinking along the same lines a few weeks ago [must have known something was in the air!!].  Penny and I spent a bit of time together over the few years I was at the Cottages, and after I left, and I seem to recall, that as a naïve 19 year old down in the big city from the country, she had a few things to teach me!!  Always loved her beautiful English accent, and in contrast to the ‘white skinned pale colouring’ that one might have expected of an English person in those days, Penny always looked as though she had a permanent suntan throughout the year!  At the time I met her, I don’t think she had been in Australia for very long – came here, I understood, following a disappointing broken relationship. Her sister, named Dianne I think, had come out either with her, or shortly thereafter, and I met her on the odd occasion – in fact, was looking recently at some photos of Penny and Dianne in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, where I had presumably taken them both for a day trip back in the late 1960s!  Memories!!

I didn’t go anywhere today, bit of work in the garden until it became too hot, more family history research and tidy up of records, and another phone call, this time from Joyce Wheeler at the church – thinks she was hoping that I might be able to help out with setting up the book stall at St Andrews on Friday morning  –  would have done so, but remembered I had a dental appointment that morning, may not be in the right state of ‘mind’ to be unpacking boxes of books, etc. Otherwise, would be happy to help, had already thought of offering some time, selling the books – but of course, their real need is the unpacking and packing at beginning and end!!  All this is for the Sunbury Festival this coming weekend –  I will be ‘on duty’ at the radio station  stall on the Village Green throughout Saturday.

Lot’s going on the world, but I didn’t even buy a newspaper today. Contacted Susie to see if she would be back from Bendigo today – no, not until late tomorrow, at which point, I decided to leave the fish I’d been planning to cook for us, in the freezer! Turned the TV on for just one hour today –  to watch Question Time from the House of Representatives. Not quite a volatile as normal, this afternoon in that venue!


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