Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 19, 2012

Sunday, 18th March 2012 – 300 early Sunday mornings on the radio.

This morning, at the radio station, I presented my 300th Sunday morning program of classical music, and in doing so extended my normal time to the full three hours, from 6am, and early start, but I had a very full program. Not surprisingly, I didn’t have time to play all that I would have liked to today, but the following is a list of  music presented – a bit different, tried to feature all pieces that would be familiar to most listeners, I guess the more popular classics! Let’s see which composers featured this morning, as an example –  Chopin, Bach, Saint-Saens, Debussy, Greig, Wagner, Bruckner, Mozart, Gounod, Handel, Vivaldi, Beethoven,  Ravel, Elder, Bruch, Orff, Puccini, and Offenbach, to name a few. Would have liked to have included some of the more recent composers had time permitted, but as I do promote the ‘modern’ classics on a weekly basis, I decided to restrict this morning’s program to some of the better known traditional composers and their music. No phone calls today, which was a little disappointing though not unexpected, although later in the morning, a couple of text messages from listener Jayne, out in Glenhuntly.\: – ‘Congrats Bill, I hope to enjoy the next 300 programs’ and also ‘I will remind you to have a REST at some time, you must look after your health first and foremost then we can all enjoy Sundays and Monday night’. Admittedly, quite a number of congratulations from all parts of the world came through in response to my brief comment on Face Book this morning J

Today’s news included the report of the death of Margaret Whitlam, wife of former Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, the PM who was dismissed from office by the Governor-General on the 11th November 1975. Gough Whitlam described his wife as ‘She was a remarkable person and the love of my life. We were married for almost 70 years’. She encouraged and sustained me and our four children, their families and many other people in a life full of engagement with Australians from all walks of life’.  While I can’t claim to have ever been a fan of the Whitlams,  Mrs Whitlam was described in one editorial title this morning as ‘Never the woman to fall into the silent and supportive role’ as compared say, with her predecessors playing the part of a PM’s wife. There has been no dispute about her value as an electoral and social asset for both Labor, and the women’s movement in Australia, generally [perhaps John Howard’s wife followed that example to some degree]. As the Sunday Herald Sun says today – ‘Margaret Whitlam’s contribution to the culture and social wealth of Australia is immense. It is also characteristic of an attitude we now see as happily typical of Australian women – direct and feisty, never taking a backward step. In December 1972 after her husband had won that historic election, Mrs Whitlam wondered at her own place in the scheme of things. “What am I to do?, she wrote in her diary. “Stay in a cage – wide open to view, of course – and say nothing”. Then she answered her own question “That’s not on but if I can do some good I’ll certainly try”. Almost 40 years on, those words serve as a perfect epitaph for a woman who never gave up’.

Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park this evening. I quite enjoyed the race, however Australia’s Mark Webber has still not managed to get onto the podium in his home Grand Prix. Today, he did finish closer than any previous attempts  –   in 4th position – but that elusive home town victory continues to be hard to come by. Our other driver, Daniel Ricciardo, finished in 9th position in his first race. The first four place-getters were:

  1. Jenson Button  [McLaren-Mercedes]
  2. Sebastian Vettel [Red Bull Racing – Renault]
  3. Lewis Hamilton [McLaren-Mercedes]
  4. Mark Webber [Red Bull Racing – Renault

Meanwhile, Carlton had it’s final practice match before the official 2012 season begins, this afternoon, and apparently it was another loss!  Not a good start to the season –  North Melbourne: 18.8.116 defeated Carlton Blues: 15.10.100. Lets hope results begin to improve in a couple of weeks!



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