Posted by: jkirkby8712 | March 27, 2012

Monday, 26th March 2012 – commercial TV!!!!!!

Another tough session at the gym – when I leave these mornings, I really feel as though I’ve been there, and done something!!!  Guess that’s the idea!!

Chat with Heather late today – not had much sleep, was at Nazareth House until midnight waiting for undertaker, etc, and then didn’t sleep anyway, not surprisingly. Busy all day Monday, organising things for the funeral – she’d managed a bit of a compromise with her mother before she died, had not wanted a funeral, but apparently agreed to a Memorial Service at Neil Street [at 2pm on Thursday afternoon] to be preceded by a private family service at the Crematorium earlier. I didn’t say anything, but at this stage, it was my intention to go down to Ballarat on Thursday afternoon – will be a bit of a rushed trip, was want to make the effort.

Great program on air tonight, and featured people like Katie Noonan, James Morrison, Marilla Homes, Nina Simone, along with a selection of folk singers from the UK [Jim Moray], the USA [Sean Lathrop], a bracket of folk tracks from the Shetland Islands, and of course the usual range of Australian folk singers, together with all the other varied genres of music that I generally play of a Monday night.  I assume there were listeners out there. Finished up in my usual fashion with 25 minutes of ‘cool’ jazz!!

Meanwhile, as has been my practice over the past few weeks, when I return home, usually well after midnight, I sit down and watched a taped version of that night’s episode of a series on Channel 7 called ‘Revenge’. As I think I have noted before, thank heavens it is a tape I’m watching – as with everything else on this television station, every program is totally destroyed by the damn advertisements, and I think if I had to sit through this show in normal time, I would have given up watching it by now – in a one hour program, you are lucky to get 5 minutes of action before it is broken by an advert. To my view, a disgraceful presentation of a TV program, and the reason why I will only watch something on commercial TV if I really need to [such as the football for the next six months, groan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]. At least on this occasion, I can fast forward the ad breaks, which even then, come so frequently, that I find myself cursing the channel!!


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