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Saturday, 21st April 2012 – poets and footballers

This was my piece of Face Book poetry for this Saturday morning:-

Wisdom can see the red, the rose,

the stained and sculptured curve of grey,

the charcoal scars of fire, and see

around that living tower of tree

the hermit tatters of old bark

split down and strip to end the season;

and can be quiet and not look

for reasons past the edge of reason.

[from ‘Gum Trees Stripping’ by Judith Wright, 1915-2000]

Judith Arundell Wright (31 May 1915 – 26 June 2000) was an Australian poet, environmentalist and campaigner for Aboriginal land rights. I’m more familiar with her through her poetry, and amongst my literary collections, have at least one booklet of some of her poems. As noted in Wikipedia, Judith Wright was the author of several collections of poetry. She was a lover of nature too. Her work is noted for a keen focus on the Australian environment, which began to gain prominence in Australian art in the years following World War II. She deals with the relationship between settlers, Indigenous Australians and the bush, among other themes. Wright’s aesthetic centres on the relationship between mankind and the environment, which she views as the catalyst for poetic creation. Her images characteristically draw from the Australian flora and fauna, yet contain a mythic substrata that probes at the poetic process, limitations of language, and the correspondence between inner existence and objective reality’

That’s today’s poetry lesson!!

A normal Saturday visit to the gymnasium this morning, followed by a rushed return home, a quick shower & change, and down to the railway station Unfortunately, due to more weekend track-works, there were no trains running – transport into the city would be by coach today, which turned out quite comfortable as it was, although reading on the bus not quite as beneficial.  I was off to my second football game in as many weeks at the Melbourne Cricket Ground after not being here for about 3 years. Carlton versus Essendon this afternoon, both teams undefeated!  This time I was alone – everyone working, or busy otherwise –  but at least today, despite another expected large crowd, I was able to get into the crowd without having to pay an extra charge for a reserved seat. In fact I ended up in a similar seat to last week, this time almost looking right down over the goals. I was there far too early for a 1.45pm start, but at least that enabled me to choose the position I wanted within the area available.

It was a sunny afternoon, but I never anticipated it would actually be uncomfortably hot, having expected overcast conditions to dominate the afternoon. So the warmth of the sun, shining directly into this spectator’s face for part of the game, came as a surprise, and for a while a bit of a concern – never even thought to bring a hat with me. However, in the context of the afternoon, the sun was the least of my worries. For the first three matches this season, the Blues had ‘owned’ the midfield, dominating contested possessions and also the outside game and uncontested marks. That all changed today, after an even first quarter, and my team looked – well, disgraceful, missing kicking opportunities, wrong decisions [constantly], it was a complete reverse of the kind of form they had turned on last week. One spectator from the Essendon crowd referred to Carlton as a ‘rabble’, and he wasn’t far wrong – that’s the way they looked and played for 65% of the match. An attempted fight-back in the last quarter, but the match was too far gone by then, it was all too late.  Yes, it was disappointing to watch that, not so much at the loss itself, but at the manner in which it occurred. As the Carlton coach would comment later, his players had failed to respond to Essendon’s bruising start and greater urgency to win the hard ball. And when they did try, mistakes and indecision were everywhere.  Not the reason for the loss, , but it was certainly not helped by a star of the first three weeks, being crashed to the ground early in the first quarter and having to leave the field, giving the opponents he probably would have come out on top of, a free reign almost for most of the game. I’m talking about Andrew Carrazzo, and I would be sorry to read next day that he was likely to be out of the game for up to 8 weeks, with a fractured right shoulder blades – disappointing news for our No. 44.

Quarter by quarter scores:

Carlton Blues:          4.4.28      4.7.31      5.12.42       Final:    11.13.79

Essendon Bombers:  3.6.24     8.11.59    12.17.89     FINAL:  15.19.109

Crowd: 73, 172

After the game, made the ‘mistake’ of walking back into the city from the MCG – would probably have been preferable to ‘brave’ the crowded trams or trains, because by the time I got to Flinders Street, transport going on to Southern Cross seemed to be rare indeed, would have got there quicker by continuing to walk!! Oh well, gave up worrying about aiming for a particular ‘coach’ back to Sunbury – would just take what was available once I got to the terminal. In fact, eventually managed a 5.35 express coach to Sunbury [which actually turned out to be not very ‘express’ because of heavy traffic all the way out the highways]. The sooner they get these rail works, the more comfortable it will be getting into the city and back again!

It was a weary and disappointed supported who finally got back to Sunbury around 6.30pm, and after a bit of shopping, made his way home, where he intended to remain for the rest of the night!!………………………….



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