Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 1, 2012

Monday, 23rd April 2012 – a busy day to start the week.

11am, good session at the gym, rest of the day spent packing for my few days down the coast, organising radio program for tonight, and catching up on various other tasks.

A little disappointed that letter from Heather didn’t arrive in today’s mail – the mail between here and Ballarat seems to be a bit slow lately, as my letter was similarly delayed last week! Instead, I found the VicRoads Car Registration account !!

It was a strange day, weather wise – heavy rainstorm, thunder, high wind, and almost wintry conditions in the middle of the day, other times, the sun was shining. The rest of the week promises similar unfortunate conditions.  It doesn’t promise much for a few days down at the beach resorts, where the weather is apparently already rather miserable!

An email message from the Carlton coach  received today, following the weekend’s rather disastrous performance –

‘Dear Bill,  Friday night’s match with Fremantle at Patersons Stadium is now at the forefront of our planning . . . but that’s not to say the events of last Saturday afternoon have been swept under the carpet either.  We don’t shy away from what happened at the MCG. Clearly, there’s a need to address some big ticket items and we’d be negligent in our duty if we didn’t. On Saturday the opposition sought to make an imprint on the game and did so early. For the most part their pressure was greater than ours, they got in our faces more than we did theirs and we were basically reactive. We thought the game was still up for grabs at quarter-time. Both teams played reasonable footy in the second, but we missed our opportunities and they grabbed theirs. We closed them down in the third, but they seemed a lot more composed with the long ball going inside 50 and they also claimed their marks.  On the other hand, we were a bit cute with our kicking and we over-finessed. Whereas against Collingwood we smothered a lot of opposition kicks, this time around a lot of our kicks were smothered – which had a lot to do with the implied pressure around the ball carrier. It seemed that we were always having to kick over a man to get the ball inside 50 whereas our opponents had “clean air” when they kicked with no bodies in front of them and therefore found it easier to hit their forwards. The early injury setbacks to Jeremy Laidler and of course Carrazzo may have unbalanced us somewhat. We had planned to make Dustin Fletcher a bit more accountable with Mitch Robinson, but we needed “Robbo” in midfield because of the numbers and Fletcher went to Jeff Garlett anyway.  On top of that, our sub Brock McLean, as a midfielder, was ready to fill the breach once Carrazzo was out of the game, so ultimately we make no excuses for our performance. Put simply, we were beaten by a hungrier opponent.

Kind Regards

Brett Ratten
Member #1018372

A wonderful night of music on the radio tonight, well on my show anyway!! This Wednesday would be Anzac Day, and in view of that, I decided that tonight’s program would be entirely devoted to a form of dedication to that event. So I played a series of songs and music from the war years, a selection of military marches,  and even a couple of extended march pasts [from the UK]  plus various other elements, all aimed at keeping within the Anzac Day frame of mind. I don’t normally get a great number of phone calls during my programs, but did receive a couple of welcome calls tonight – one from a gentleman who didn’t give his name, but seemed to be from a military background, had listened to the first part of the program, which encouraged him to believe he was going to enjoy the rest of it. Later in the night Jean of ‘the Carousel’ Tuesday program rang to tell me that were her 90 year old father still awake in his hostel, he would be ‘loving’ the band music!! Hopefully, there were others out there similarly getting something ‘special’ from tonight’s show, which went overtime a little.


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