Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 1, 2012

Sunday, 22nd April 2012 – brief notations!

 Enjoyed my return to the Sunday morning show, must have been keen, got there earlier than necessary, so started the show earlier, at 6.15 am. But no messing around afterwards, straight back home, had many things I wanted to get organised over the next couple of days.

Meanwhile Jodie was apparently the organiser of an ‘Inaugural Olympics Melbourne West Action Tournament’ to be held throughout today at the Action Indoor Sports at Maribyrnong, which is I think associated with where she works [Surf Life Saving Association]. I had initially accepted an invitation to go over there – noticed that Susie and James were doing so –  but I realised that the invites were really for people [much younger than me!!] to participate in the events, and as I had a lot to do at home today, decided to give the event a miss. Don’t think I will be missed, hope Jodie not offended!!  From subsequent reports by Susan, James and others, the outcome of the day was quite successful, and various congratulations were being extended to Jodie for her organising.

On the Federal political front. The Speaker of the House of Representatives stepped aside from his role this evening, pending an investigation of claims he misused cab-charges, and also, accusations of sexual misconduct with a male staffer!!  These politicians just don’t seem to be able to keep out of trouble!!  No doubt, over the weeks ahead this item, amongst others is likely to dominate much media attention.

In the meantime, after today’s 4th Round of AFL matches, the top 8 teams now look like this:

  1. West Coast Eagles           16
  2. Sydney Swans                  16
  3. Essendon                          16
  4. Carlton                             12
  5. Adelaide                           12
  6. Fremantle                         12
  7. St Kilda                              8
  8. North Melbourne                8

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