Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 2, 2012

Saturday, 28th April 2012 – a day to relax, recover and look forward!

I didn’t go to the gymnasium this morning, and while there may have been an element of guilt in not doing so, it was probably the correct decision, because after an early morning text to Heather to check on her health and recovery this morning [and noting her reply, which indicated as I’d suggested, that a visit to her doctor ‘before’ next week might happen, I actually slept for another two hours or so, after an initial 7 hour uninterrupted sleep – rare occurrence on both counts.  When I did eventually put in an appearance, it was a moist but beautifully sunny morning – the grass and plants in the sunlight, still glistening from the overnight dew.

Meanwhile, for my weekly Saturday morning piece of poetry for the Face Book page, I included a couple of verses this morning from Australia’s Henry Kendall.

The song that once I dreamed about,

The tender, touching thing,

As radiant as the rose without,

The love of wind and wing:

The perfect verses to the tune

Of woodland music set,

As beautiful as afternoon,

Remain unwritten yet.


Perhaps the lady of the past

Upon these lines may light,

The purest verses, and the last,

That I may ever write;

She need not fear a word of blame;

Her tale the flowers kept –

The wind that heard me breathe her name

Has been for years asleep.


[taken from the poem ‘After Many Years’ taken from one of three books published  by Henry Kendall, titled ‘Leaves From Australian Forests’ –  an Australian poet,  born1839, died1882 –  brought up amongst the mountains and forests of the  south coast of New South Wales. From the start, his life was rarely happy, and  as a young man he was a disturbing mixture of shyness, melancholy and intense ambition, though while unfortunate in life, much more fortunate  with friends  and supporters who gave him constant encouragement in his writings].

I wondered, as I copied this, whenever anyone reading it might apply the words to m own current life and situation – not really intended that way, but in retrospect, and when reading the other numerous verses which complete the poem – these were just two of the verses- such an interpretation could quite possibly be applied!

Watched part of the Sydney Cup carnival day’s racing this afternoon, a coverage which concluded with a race from Adelaide, featuring the magnificent ‘Black Caviar’ which went on to win it’s 20th race from 20 starts in Australia. Likely to have one more Australian run before going over to challenge all comers in the UK.

Meanwhile, over in the Caribbean, the 3rd and Final cricket test match was completed early this morning – Australia’s last Test match for 6 months until we host South Africa out here in Australia. [or is it over there?]. Anyway, the match resulted in a win for Australia, and subsequently a Series win -2-0, with the 2nd Test having being drawn. Final scores were:

Australia:         328 and 259

West Indies:     218 and 294

Australia won by 75 runs: Man of the match: Matthew Wade. Man of the Series: Shivnarine      Chanderpaul



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