Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 2, 2012

Sunday, 29th April 2012 – politicians in the news again!!

Cold morning, and seemed to remain that way in the studio whilst I was on air, air conditioning didn’t seem to be functioning very well. Felt a bit warmer after a couple of text messages from Ballarat, just a pity Heather couldn’t actually pick up the broadcast! Meanwhile a little annoyed to see that there was ‘again’ no-one on air after noon yesterday – annoyed at the people who continually select these prime time spots of a weekend, then regularly do not turn up to do their programs!!  Being through that argument before, and until there is a queue of people wanting to do programs, unlikely that any major action can be taken against those who apply a casual approach to their voluntary roles and privilege.

Back home with cappucinio to warm the insides up on what was still a very cold morning.  Whilst I was catching up on some typing on the computer [something I would spend most of the day occupied with], I had a couple of rare online ‘chats’ with overseas friends – Brenda and daughter who were having a night together watching horror movies, and Jelia in the Phillipines, still looking for a partner, and requesting that I play a couple of songs for her on the radio [that she couldn’t hear either!!]. Never seem to have time to chat with anyone on line much these days – but when I do, like today, is always rather pleasant.

About 11am, gave Heather a brief call in Ballarat – as expected, she was about to have her daily ‘brunch’ [her mix of breakfast and lunch] in a café somewhere, this time with a friend named Jan [haven’t met that one but she sent me a cheerio via Heather, seems they all know of me!!!].  I think Susan was still in bed when I went back into town soon after midnight to post a letter to Ballarat –  Heather wanted some details of one of the Tchaikovsky pieces I’d played on air this morning.  We spoke again later in the afternoon by phone. She has a very busy three weeks ahead of her, leading to the long overdue operation to reconstruct her knee later in May. While we would both like to catch up again in the interim,that seems unlikely. Meanwhile, another request from son James this afternoon to ‘proofread’ another of his university assignments – last minute request as usual, but we managed to get it finished before he [and dog Murphy] called over this evening to collect the amended result. Whilst I was down at Barwon Heads, he messaged me with the news that three of the previous four essays I’d checked for him had earned him a High Distinction.

Our politicians seldom seem to be able to keep a low profile  –  a quite major [potentially]  set of ramifications for the Federal Government occurred today, with announcements by the Prime Minister that she had [finally] asked two members to stand down pending investigation of charges against them. Julia Gillard said that  she was trying to rid parliament of a “dark cloud” by having Craig Thomson quit Labor and asking Peter Slipper to remain stood down as Speaker.  The Prime Minister also moved to protect her embattled government with today’s simultaneous announcements, at which she said a “line has been crossed” when it came to maintaining Australians’ respect for federal parliament. Mr Thomson, the embattled backbencher facing allegations of fraud while head of the Health Services Union, will be suspended from the Labor Party but remain in parliament as an independent. Ms Gillard said she had also asked Peter Slipper, who is facing allegations of fraud and sexual harassment, to remain stood down as Speaker for a “further period of time”. Mr Slipper has already stood down as Speaker over the fraud allegations, but today said in a statement they had been shown to be a fabrication and “there is no longer any reason to step aside”.

However, not surprisingly, as far as the Liberal Party is concerned, nothing has changed – today, Tony Abbott stressed that Julia Gillard’s announcements today on Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper has changed nothing. It has been very clear to most Australians for some time what Julia Gillard needed to do in relation to both Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper. Today Julia Gillard again simply reacted to events further confirming her lack of judgement. Julia Gillard and Labor will continue to rely on the tainted vote of Craig Thompson to keep themselves in power at all costs. It is an act of a desperate and tricky government to have Craig Thompson suspended from the ALP Caucus but still accept his vote in parliament. The Prime Minister, if she is to restore a shred of credibility for herself, the ALP and this dysfunctional parliament, must refuse to accept Craig Thompson’s tainted vote. Craig Thomson should do the right thing and let the people of Australia have their say. The Peter Slipper saga has descended into even deeper farce, with the Parliament of Australia effectively having no Speaker and no certainty as to when we will have one again. Australia is a great country with a great future which is being let down by a very bad government. A government that is being led by a Prime Minister with no vision for Australia – only a vision for her own survival. Julia Gillard won’t support Australians who are battling cost of living pressures and dealing with greater job insecurity from her carbon tax, but she will continue to support Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper. The only way to clean up the mess of this tainted government and tainted parliament is to let Australians have their say through a fresh election.

Away from the political front, the 5th round of AFL football concluded this afternoon, and it left the top eight teams as follows, with the Blues hanging onto that third position.

AFL Ladder [top 8 teams] after Round 5

  • West Coast Eagles                              20                 170.89
  • Sydney Swans                                     20                 149.28
  • Carlton Blues                                      16                 146.50
  • Adelaide Crows                                  16                  123.24
  • Essendon Bombers                             16                  116.78
  • St Kilda Saints                                    12                  146.70
  • North Melbourne Kangaroos              12                  129.70
  • Geelong Cats                                      12                   106.71

Feeling a little tired tonight, guess I should try and get an early night, like my friend in Ballarat apparently is, claiming not to have recovered from our visit to the coast, which I thought had been a project of rest and relaxation. Must have been that sea air!! However, I did want to have a look at the Motorcycle Grand Prix from Spain that was been televised tonight, even if Australia’s Casey Stoner had not earned himself a very good spot on the starting grid!





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