Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 2, 2012

Tuesday, 1st May 2012 – moving towards the Winter months

A heart- warming start to our mornings for both Heather and myself with early greetings via text and a quick phone call. Pleased to hear that she had a planned lunch with her daughter, with whom relations had been a little strained of recent times. Speaking as an outsider, I think a mother/daughter relationship is a very important connection to be nurtured – and I note that Sunday 13th  is Mother’s Day here in Victoria.

A relatively quiet day for this writer this Tuesday – catching up on some paper and computer work, a bit of a shopping visit to the town, and the welcome arrival in today’s mail of a letter posted on the 19th April – as my friend suggested, ‘snail mail’ at it’s worse, considering the letter only had to come 100 kilometres!!  The contents made the wait worthwhile, however!  In the meantime, the weather, while remaining fine throughout the day, retained the ‘hint’ of a change for the worst particularly late afternoon, and while I would not particularly notice it,  the night would bring the rain again.

Meanwhile, during unsuccessful attempts today, to try and organise some tickets for the family for the ‘Class of 59’ Rock n Roll national tour [featuring my Brisbane nephew Duncan McConnell performing the role of Eddie Cochran] which begins this weekend with two performances in Melbourne, I discovered from youngest daughter Jodie, that she and boyfriend Ash, were planning to move into an inner city apartment. Good news in itself, as they both work over in that part of the city, and Jodie’s daily commuting by car had been a bit of a worry to me recently. I guess my discomfort about that was the fact that it perhaps signalled the beginning of the move of the family [my ‘kids’] way from Sunbury. James & Adam had already left and returned at various stages, but I imagined that James at least of the two boys, and perhaps eventually Susan, would move away to new lives as the years went by, and that thought saddened me a little, despite it’s inevitability. Any thoughts I might have had in recent years to leave Sunbury, had always being tempered by the knowledge that all of my ‘kids’ were still in the area – despite the obvious realisation, that it would be highly likely they would all eventually move away through circumstances and life choices. The thought that I would also see less of Jodie than I currently do, played on my feelings a little too, I must admit!  Oh well, such is life!

A couple of major events occurring in two capital cities today  – the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a 0.5% reduction in official interest rates, while in Melbourne, the Victorian State Budget was brought down. I include various media comments on those matters in tomorrow’s entry.

Referring back to the ‘Class of 59’ concerts, the two performances in Melbourne this weekend are apart of a number of performances in Victorian regional centres over the next few weeks. The ‘tour’ is described as enabling the audience to go back to the era when rock and roll influenced and created a social movement for the teenagers of it’s day…………… era which fired up a musical movement  that would only be lived for a short while, but would last in the hearts and souls of billions for eternity. It features a number of modern day artists/singers [including my own nephew] performing the roles of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran and The Big Bopper. When my arrangements to get tickets for this weekend failed [everyone was already busy!] I fell back to my original plan of going up to the Bendigo performance at the end of June. Looking forward to it!



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