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Friday, 4th May 2012 – radio facts, rules & regulations, literary awards and other matters

Susan to work unusually early this morning, while this writer found it hard to get motivated, and  very slow in getting on the move, after beginning his day, as it ended last night,  with a brief exchange of messages and phone chats with my old ‘school mate’. So much I’d like to get done today, but the levels of energy and/or enthusiasm are not high. The sun is shining however, a good sign despite the initial coolness of the morning. And a clear invitation to get out into the garden later!!

Now the following email was a bit of advice that radio station members had been pushing for over a long period – easier access to the radio station premises. Hopefully once this gets going properly, it will remove some of many complaints received over the years! It came through from Station Manager, Mike, and the main premise was as follows:-

‘Hi there members,   Early next week we will complete the long sought after studio access system which will see each presenter have access to a Photo ID membership card doubling as an electronic key to both the door to the studio complex and the broadcast studio. A traditional key will be housed in the studio which will give access to the members drop in room and studio 2.  Please note that for the most part only principal presenters will have access to electronic key cards –   if regular guests ( in the case of organisational membership), or other family members (in the case of a family membership ) want access cards this will be reviewed on a case by case basis by application……….After June 30th these key cards will be the only access to the studio complex. Until that date, the current system of access………….. will remain in place to give all those who will need a key card, time to purchase one.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to give me a call, it is important to note though that the existing system will be in place until the end of June’.

Probably seems a rather simple and obvious change, but something that because of cost and the technical issues involved has taken a little time. Meanwhile some community groups [including the radio station] have had a bit of ‘wind’ put up them this week, as a result of an article in the local paper regarding the land upon which we are situated [the former university campus site of Victoria University].  The article began with the words ‘Community groups at Victoria University’s former Sunbury campus face an uncertain future with the university confirming the campus will be sold’ or at least ‘calling for expressions of interest’. Our understanding is that the university cannot in fact sell the site, with the original government agreement with the university when it first moved here that it must be retained for educational purposes. Like other community groups, the radio station is hopeful that the cluster of buildings on the fringe of the former university buildings [most of which have heritage listings attached to them as most formed the original lunatic asylum and training centre buildings of past decades] will be retained for community regardless of any sale or other alternative outcome.  Meanwhile, from the educational side of things, the article noted that ‘The decision comes as the Interface Councils group called for more tertiary facilities in outer urban areas. It follows a Melbourne niversity report which found students from outer urban areas were increasingly deferring university study because of living costs. Macedon State Labor MP, Joanne Duncan said ‘This is a growing area, we need more education facilities, not less’…..apparently one reason for the Victoria University leaving Sunbury, after only being here from the early 1990’s was that the campus had not attracted enough ‘local demand’. Perhaps the small range of courses might have had something to do with that as well – my eldest son, James,  was lucky enough to find an under graduate course that suited his needs, but there were many areas of tertiary education that Victoria University simply didn’t provide for.

In the meantime, following my resignation from the Accounting Association after my employment retirement last October, the CPA Finally seemed to have got the message that I no longer wish to be a part of the organisation [although I’m still receiving copies of the monthly magazine ‘In The Black’], they are now requesting that I return my original Membership Certificate!! I rather object to that request. The certificate was framed many years ago, as a qualification I earned in those years, and I believe that I should be entitled to retain it as my possession. I think I can see the point behind CPA’s requirement – the fear that ‘resigned’ CPAs will continue to use the certificate to promote themselves for ‘business’ in their retirement. I personally feel that is a petty reason to introduce such a requirement [which exists under  an ‘article’ in the constitution of CPA apparently] as the consider that the percentage of former members who would take advantage of such a situation so low as to render the stipulation an insult to the majority. Anyway I notice that ‘Non-compliance with this Article may affect your readmission to CPA Australia should you seek to rejoin in the future’.  I have no such intention, nor intend to change that view!  I’m not actually sure if I know where to find it these days, and I’m not aware of any universities demanding that former graduates return their Certificates upon retirement!!

Whilst reading in today’s paper  about the death by incineration of three unknown men, in a  freak car smash nearby to where I worked last year [in Westgarth Street, Northcote], I was relieved to find something of a more pleasant nature on the same page.

During my visit to the Bellarine Peninsula last week, and in particular ‘the Bookshop’ in Queenscliff, I purchased a copy of Miles Franklin’s ‘My Brilliant Career’ for Susie. Don’t know when and if she will get to read it, but the Miles Franklin Literary 2012 Award is due to be announced at the end of June, and I see there are five nominees. Interestingly, the trustee of the Award, which is described as the most significant prize for literature in Australia, has ‘loosened’ the criteria by which judges make here decision. Up to now [since 1957], that criteria has been the prize is awarded to ‘the novel for the year which is of the highest literary merit and which must present Australian life in any of its phases’ However, over the years there has been increasing concern at the geographical narrowness of that criteria which has led to the exclusion of some notable books that were considered worthy of consideration under the terms of the Award.  The trustees of the Award said that it would not have been possible to change the terms of the [Miles Franklin] will without taking legal action. But after consultation with an advisory committee it was decided to try to remove the existing ambiguity and allow judges to modernise the interpretation of Australian life to include mindset, language, history and values. The nominees for this year’s Award, to be announced on June 20, are Anna Funder [All That I Am]; Favel Parrett [Past The Shallows]; Tony Birch [Blood]; Gillian Mears [Foal’s Bread]; and, Frank Moorhouse [Cold Light]. The latter nominee is the third part of a trilogy by Moorhouse – ironically, the first part was eliminated as a potential winner under the original terms of the Award.

Well, it was my plan to finish the audit of the church accounts today/tonight – haven’t got onto that task as yet, and by 8pm, there was some football on the TV, difficulty to get ‘accounting mode’ motivated these days!! Shouldn’t really be watching anyway, it’s not Carlton, but…….just had a couple of slices of toast with a range of cheese dips on them, the kind of thing Heather and I would have been nibbling on at this time of night last week in Barwon Heads, maybe with a bit of cold meat and a tomato along the way! And a glass of wine! But not tonight, not good  practice to drink on one’s own. Susie is out socialising, enjoying her ‘single 20s’ [in fact according to a Face Book entry, she and Jodie & others are at the ‘Go Set Album Launch Tour, Melbourne’, whatever that is, at Soul Mama, or maybe even the Boatbuilders Yard – whatever, I’m none the wiser!!]. And I’m simply not in the mood for working on a voluntary audit. Think it’s finalisation might get put off until early next week, if not Sunday night! Incidentally, it’s the Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood playing tonight, not sure if I really care who wins, or loses, not fond of either team! Bulldogs threatened for a while, but with a few minutes to go, think the Magpies will end up in front!   Earlier, a little ‘good night’ chat with Heather, who had also been out for the evening, dinner with a girlfriend. Seems I’m the only one home tonight!!



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