Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 4, 2012

Thursday, 3rd May 2012 – a day of domestic matters, and very wintry conditions.

A cold but clear morning today – my alarm went off just before my friend texted me, knowing I had to be away early this morning, and afraid I might have overslept!  Quite possible, because another night of restless sleeping, waking, etc had preceded this moment!!

A 7am drive over to Goonawarra to pick up Shirley – while there, a brief opportunity to say hi to James and Jodie who were getting ready to go off to the university and work respectively. Also, an over enthusiastic greeting from the house dog!  Meanwhile, Shirley had a medical procedure at the Sunbury Day Hospital this morning – had asked for my assistance in getting her there, with all of the ‘kids’ busy. I didn’t enquire about details of the procedure she was having today, but not a good start, as she seem to be suffering from the flu and was feeling quite unwell. Presumably things would go ahead s planned. Anyway, my first visit to Sunbury’s new medical setup, which was less than a year old, built on the site, and incorporated into the existing heritage rated large home that had occupied the site for over a century or more.  Waited until Shirley was signed in, contact details confirmed, and left her in the care of the medical staff. While I felt a little guilty walking out and leaving her there, that was all that was expected or asked of me these days.

Drove around to Brook Street, and purchased a paper and, from cross the road, a cappucinio, and sat in the warmth of the car for a few minutes ‘enjoying’ that drink – still not an over enthusiastic drinker of coffee but something warm was needed this time, so went for it!  While there, gave Heather a quick ring – she knew what I had to do this morning, and I think was glad to hear from me. Back home – a bite of breakfast, a change of clothes, then back out into the chilly morning air, for my visit to the gymnasium. That hour was hard work this morning [think I actually say that every day!!], and I was rather pleased to have 10 am roll around again!  At that point, up to the radio station to get some finance reports photocopied, and a bit of a chat with John, Maureen, Rosie and Mike.  There was a Radio Committee meeting time tonight, so I would catch up with three of those people again later on.

This Thursday afternoon was quite a miserable one from a weather point of view –  constant spells of rain and wind, not much rising in the temperature, and after two attempts to pick Shirley up and take her home, it would be late afternoon before she was well enough to leave the care of the day hospital people and return home, and even then, she was far from fully recovered from the day’s medical procedures and the dose of the flu she had been carrying.  By this time, Susan was at work, and I decided to buy her a takeaway meal for this evening, couldn’t be bothered cooking anything.

News from the Carlton Football Club –  unfortunate report that new young recruit, Sam Rowe,  today informed the Club  that he has been diagnosed with stage one testicular cancer. Rowe, 24, has had the tumour removed and will now undergo chemotherapy treatment for between six and nine weeks.  Tragic situation for a young man to be in.  Meanwhile, after having already eclipsed the late Jim Francis’ record run of 142 successive Carlton senior matches and now bracing for his 150th game on the trot, Kade Simpson will doubtless prevail as the club’s consecutive games record holder for at least the foreseeable future. And yet, had it not been for two quirks in the then VFL’s draw, “Simmo” would still be playing catch-up, given the “Clayton’s” games sequence held by the great Bruce Doull.  Largely forgotten is the fact that Doull, the four-time premiership player, four-time best and fairest and Norm Smith Medallist [who I enjoyed watching play over many years], would have strung together 160 Carlton matches between Round 16, 1971 and Round 12, 1978 had he not been called upon for state duties.  In twice donning the Big V through this sequence, Doull was unavailable for Carlton’s Round 4 match against Melbourne in 1976 and the Round 13 match against Fitzroy in 1977 [both games of which, I was no doubt present].. In Doull’s absence against the Redlegs in ’76, Carlton prevailed to win by 43 points in what was the club’s 1500th League contest.  But in the Fitzroy encounter at the Junction Oval the following year, Doull’s absence cost Carlton the chocolates, as the team went down to the bottom-placed Lions by just seven points… and present day star rover Marc Murphy’s father John was a solid contributor to the home team’s meritorious victory that day.  Interesting set of statistics here for us Blues’ fans – the current list of most consecutive games played for the senior team shows [from which Jim Francis is the only player I didn’t see of course!
149* – Kade Simpson (Round 15, 2005 – Round 5, 2012)
142 – Jim Francis (Round 6, 1935 – Round 16, 1942)
133 – Simon Beaumont (Round 8, 1998 – Round 22, 2003)
107 – Bruce Doull (Round 16, 1971 – Round 3, 1976)
105 – David McKay (Round 1, 1970 – Round 7, 1974)
104 – Andrew McKay (Round 13, 1998 – Round 19, 2002)
103 – Anthony Koutoufides (Round 12, 1994 – Round 18, 1998)
* still playing

The radio committee meeting tonight – and in view of the weather conditions and cold night, a meeting that none of us really felt like being in attendance at – yet we had a full complement!!  Followed by a useful and prosperous meeting and per normal. Not sure if I was that keen on given up a Saturday for a Business planning  meeting of the committee, but the compromise of the 2nd  June at least didn’t interfere with any other commitments that day [especially a football match!].  Meantime, as a ‘healthy’ change to the packets of sweets that our President usually brings long to these meetings, I decided that a couple of bowls of fresh green grapes might be a better alternative for a change  –  yes, they actually proved quite popular although the sweets also retained their popularity!!

Another relatively early night to bed – my friend in Ballarat is having some influence in that respect it seems, although it is yet to prove that I’m gaining a great deal more actual hours of sleep. Perhaps habit and time will eventually overcome that deficiency!


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