Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 9, 2012

Monday, 7th May 2012 – the beginning of a crucial week in politics for the Feds!!

Well, we have quite obviously seen the last of any ‘Summer’ type weather – waking to another miserably damp looking and cool morning. I am certainly glad these days, that I do not have to travel over to Northcote each morning for a day of employment!

A morning exchange of ‘greetings’ with Heather, and I was then to be found doing a bit of ‘radio program’ work, before somewhat reluctantly heading off to the gymnasium late morning – outside it was cold, with light rain in the air. Thankfully a little less chilly in the gym, and of course by the time I’d been there for an hour, I was feeling substantially warmer! And exhausted, found it all hard work this morning! A bit of shopping afterwards, before returning home.

Interesting reports in today’s media, that Julia Gillard [Prime Minister] has been ‘unofficially’ given notice by her own Party, that she has until September to lift Labor’s poor standing in the opinion polls. An indication say some, that many on her side believe that Labor cannot go to an election with Gillard remaining as leader, if the ratings have not improved within 6 months.  It seems that the basis of that declared timeline, is to allow the effects of tomorrow’s Federal Budget to take their immediate course, the response to interest rate changes, and the revealed effects of the carbon tax [although some want a change before that tax takes affect at the end of June]. Treasurer Wayne Swan was a bit more blunt about things – saying that she ‘is as tough as nails and she ain’t going anywhere’!!  Meanwhile, the Budget is to be revealed tomorrow, although reading today’s papers, speculation would have us believe that what’s in the budget has already been revealed. Whatever it contains, the affects and outcomes are likely to be crucial factors in Labor’s [and Gillard’s] immediate short term fortunes!

I felt rather lucky this afternoon – another ‘greeting’ card [3 in 7 days] from my dear little friend in Ballarat –  and as she says, I think we are both thanking ‘someone or something’ up there in the ‘universe’ for bringing two childhood friends from the 1950s back into the other’s life, whatever that may come to mean in the future. Anyway, that deserved a return in the mail, and so a hasty trip into the Post Office despatch area in the middle of the afternoon ensured that a note of appreciation, etc, would reach it’s intended recipient tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I received another weekly greeting from the ‘Coach’s box’ in today’s electronic mail!!

Dear Bill………………`This time last year, Josh Bootsma was chasing the footy for North Albany. To think that yesterday, barely twelve months later, he’s motoring around Etihad Stadium in a Carlton guernsey . . . just goes to show how quickly it can change for these kids. Josh was of course a last-minute inclusion for Ed Curnow, who complained of soreness after the final training session at Visy Park, and as the players had already left the training facility I was forced to put the call in to Josh rather than tell him face to face. The message was pretty basic. I said to him ‘Mate, you’re in, well done’, and being a WA country boy Josh was fairly laconic about it all, but very appreciative nonetheless.  Though his mother and girlfriend were in town, Josh’s father Brad was on a bike ride somewhere in Bunbury and getting word to him was no easy task.  In the end, Brad got wind of what was happening and caught the “midnight horror” to Melbourne to see Josh take to the field in the final quarter against the Giants.  I’ve no doubt Dad would be very glad he made that trip and equally proud of the way his boy fared. Josh showed a cool headedness in adapting to the next level and we enjoyed our best quarter with him on the ground. Clearly he is a player of the future, although we must be careful not to put too much pressure on him too early.
In reflecting on Josh’s senior debut, it would be remis of me not to acknowledge Eddie Betts and Kade Simpson, who completed their 150th and 150th consecutive games for Carlton respectively. When you consider that Eddie was a pre-season draft selection, he’s been an outstanding small forward who’s continued to raise the bar and is now closing in on All-Australian selection. As for ‘Simmo’, it’s phenomenal that a bloke who weighs in at just 76 kilos should complete 150 games straight. He’s the spirit of the footy club, he plays with heart, guts, and determination, and we just love him.

Kind Regards
Brett Ratten, Member #1018372


I do find these weekly despatches from Brett Ratten quite an interesting personal touch to the typical newspaper reports of a weekend’s matches – I suppose that it is only because I am a member that I am getting them this year, nevertheless, an interesting means of keeping in touch with the team. His comments about Bootsma quite touching, as the lad certainly did create quite a stir amongst the Carlton fans yesterday as though he was the ‘waited for Messiah’ or something,  rather than a young recruit playing for his team for the first time. Incidentally, one of the highlights for me, of Sunday’s match, was the goal kicked by back-man, Paul Bower, and I see that brilliant goal on the run, has been subsequently officially nominated for the AFL’s ‘Goal of the Year’. Great effort Paul!

Meanwhile, on the radio tonight, I had a very enjoyable three hours –usual great mix of folk, blues, jazz, country, pop, world and show music amongst other things, and included a little segment of strictly love songs and/or instrumentals including Josh Groban’s ‘When You Say You Love Me’!  I also played a couple of songs from local Melbourne girl, Marilla Homes, who was my guest in the studio, three or four years ago now. She has some concerts coming up in the near future, and I really must come good on my promise over all those years, to go to one of her performances. As usual I went a little overtime, and when I eventually did get back home, close to 12.30am, decided I was awake enough to watch tonight’s taped edition of ‘Revenge’!  That meant of course, well not enough sleep, but seems to be par for the course at present!



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