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Saturday, 12th May 2012 – moving day for youngest daughter.

Unfortunately, due to a medical appointment, I had to give the gymnasium a miss today, though in retrospect, wish I’d thought of going an hour earlier! Oh well, perhaps for the best!

Meanwhile, my little poetic selection for today’s Face Book page, was taken from  p743 of  ‘The Complete Stories, Plays and Poems of Oscar Wilde [pub.1991] – quite a lengthy poem, the following is just a small sample of the verses.

Startled the squirrel from its granary,

And cuckoo flowers fringed the narrow lane,

Through my young leaves a sensuous ecstasy

Crept like new wine, and every mossy vein

Throbbed with the fitful pulse of amorous blood,

And the wild winds of passion shook my slim stem’s maiden-hood.


The trooping fawns at evening came and laid

Their cool black noses on my lowest boughs,

And on my topmost branch the blackbird made

A little nest of grasses for his spouse,

And now and then a twittering wren would light

On a thin twig which hardly bare the weight of such delight.


[from ‘Charmides’ by Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900].

Jodie was leaving her little room at Goonawarra today after almost 24 years, and moving closer into the city – a big move for her, a bit sad to  finally leave home this morning, I would join her and Ash later, after collecting a car load of  her belongings from the family home.  But first, I had an ultra sound test to ‘participate’ in, just hoping it doesn’t produce any unwanted results!!  I pity I have to wait until midweek for those results – meanwhile, was glad to get back home, and have something to eat after having to fast in preparation for this morning’s activity.

Over to Goonawarra, where I loaded up my car for the last assortment of items that Jodie needed taken over to her new abode in Ascot Vale. Shouldn’t have eaten had home, as Mrs S. very quickly had soup and toasted sandwiches on the table for both myself, and Shirley, who had just arrived home from an overnight work roster. In the meantime, a reasonable trip in towards the city, until I reached the Bulla Road turnoff, at which point the traffic became congested and frustratingly slow – or perhaps that feeling was just my reaction to getting out of the habit of driving in much heavy city traffic over the past 6 months!! Anyway, eventually, had little trouble in finding Jodie’s new ‘apartment’ [in Ascot Vale Road, adjacent to the railway line] – a bit of a problem, finding somewhere to park, but eventually attracted the attention of Susie [who had travelled down with Jodie and Ash this morning] who was able to let me into the underground carpark of the complex.

Interestingly, the owners were moving things ‘out of the apartment’ as Jodie and Ash were moving in – had apparently not been expecting Jodie until Tuesday!!  Anyway, that was all sorted out, just looked a rather odd situation. With help, I unloaded Jodie’s items from my car, and then helped the girls unload Ash’s car, which he had not yet got around to doing, seemed to be busy constructing packaged items of furniture!  The complex itself rather interesting – externally, almost gave the impression of a large prison or modern business building, but judging by Jodie’s apartment, the units were quite modern and very comfortable looking – two bedroom, with most of the internal facilities, quite modern & new.  Just did not give the impression of an accommodation facility from outside!!  I only stayed around for an hour or so – Jodie was apparently going to drive Susie back to Sunbury later this evening, while Ash went to the MCG to see his West Coast Eagles team play!

By the time I returned to Sunbury, the weather had turned quite cold, and in fact it was beginning to rain. A bit of shopping, then sat in the warmth of the car for a few minutes, drinking an iced coffee, and listening to the local radio station in Melton, and their broadcast of today’s Ballarat League match in which Sunbury was playing [over at Darley, near Bacchus Marsh].

In the meantime, in the AFL competition, this year’s new team , the Greater Western Giants, today  had their first win, defeating last year’s new team,  the Gold Coast Suns, by 27 points!!  Kevin Sheedy, that  great long-term coach of Essendon for a quarter of a century,  has a permanent grin on his face as inaugural coach of  the new team!!  Meanwhile, over in Adelaide, apart from the Adelaide Crows thrashing last year’s Premiers, Geelong in the football, Black Caviar was going for it’s 21st win from 21 races here in Australia! Pity there was no television coverage of this, the horse’s last race in Australia, before heading overseas!  I had to depend on ABC radio, and was a little annoyed that the race was on so late in the afternoon, as I wanted to get on with other things!  And then it was on – and over – 21st win for Black Caviar, and now off to challenge the ‘world’!!  And while in the sport’s arena, a comprehensive win to Sunbury Football team this afternoon, giving the local team three wins from three games in the Ballarat Football League competition.  While for Carlton’s next match, on Monday night, we have three changes – Chris Judd, Jarod Waite & Ed Curnow into the team, while out go J Bootsma, K Lucas & B Thornton [the latter two unlucky, they played quite well last week but someone had to make way for Judd and Waite!!].

Incidentally, I forgot to mention on Wednesday, that cricketing son Adam, was re-elected as club Junior Vice President at the Sunbury Cricket Club’s Annual General Meeting that night. Adam is now very heavily involved in the cricket club, and is I think so far, the only one of my four children to follow Dad’s regular involvement in a range of community and sporting organisations – he is carrying on that tradition, which I followed from my own Dad.

Rang Heather this evening for a bit of a chat – I think our phone accounts are going to look somewhat different this month, painfully so!!! Rang her again later when I realised she was getting herself upset as she was going through her mother’s personal papers, and discovered little things like selecting the wrong hymns for her mother’s funeral etc, because she’d been unable to find the list at the time. Unfortunately little moments of regrets over things we wished we had done or said to the person we have lost are a nature of many situations, and are really things that one needs to try and avoid dwelling on – because by that stage, no amount of regret is going to change what has happened, and the only person now hurting is the person with the regrets!  In this instance, I think I was able to assure Heather, that the hymns that were actually played that day would have more than satisfied her mother, one in particular, which I referred to at the time. I feel it is perhaps a good move that I have decided to pay a visit to Ballarat tomorrow, in case my friend needs some support, with tomorrow being Mother’s Day. I will also take the opportunity to visit the ‘grave site’ of my own parents!






  1. I must get back here one day 🙂

    • It still hasn’t happened – getting back here 🙂 I do write a daily diary but since 2012 that has become more of a personal nature, and I considered not really so appropriate for these pages, even though I guess the 12th May 2012 was pretty personal and perhaps not of much general interest!! With Susan having recently moved out, finally, with her boyfriend, I’m getting my home set up in my own fashion, maybe once that is organised, I might make the effort to get back to these pages on a more regular basis..

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